First, thank you so much for choosing Supreme Frames. 

I am a 27 y/o entrepreneur obsessed with Beyonce and Twilight.

 Since the fifth grade, I have worn prescription glasses. I finally started to wear contact lenses consistently, which sparked my love for shades. I really wanted to sell something that helped me express myself... which were sunnies. I also needed to make income during my last semester of school.

Imagine being a college student, and every trendy-unique frame is 70+ unless you got lucky at a thrift store.

In 2017, I was stuck with no electricity with my mom, cousin, and notepad during Hurricane Irma. I told myself to stop playing, and let's get this going. 

As soon as Florida's power was restored, I made my business official.

 Supreme Frames is a South Florida trendy-vintage online store. We provide the most fly frames, ranging from earth to funky tones.

The brand is all about stepping outside of your comfort space and taking a chance. Rock something different. 

 When you wear SF it is all about shedding your insecurities and being CONFIDENT.

 My company has helped me grow and network with so many amazing souls. I am grateful for your support.

If you are reading this... I appreciate you taking the time to visit my website. I hope you see something you love! 

XOXO , Ceressa